TVG: 2.26 – Learning as a Vagabond

Focusing more on the “vagabond” portion of the “Vagabond Gamecast” title for a change, we spend most of this week’s session talking about what it’s like moving around – with a particular emphasis on what sort of an impact that has on a kid’s education.

Topics sort of meander from our (lack of) French education, what we thought of the homework phases of our lives (high school vs college), a little bit of a comparison between how our education was for Steve as an animator vs Matt as an electronic engineer, and (as stated earlier) what moving around means for a young kid in terms of their learning needs — and just as importantly, what does that mean for a young kid in terms of their social needs? (By the way, that impact on social needs? Not just an issue for kids).

It’s more of an unplanned conversation than we normally run with, so come eavesdrop as we just try to understand each other a little more.

The Vagabond Gamecast is a podcast by Stephen Tucker and Matthew Langille that covers gaming from the perspective of nomadic parents.
The Vagabond Gamecast
TVG: 2.26 - Learning as a Vagabond