TVG: 2.08 – Narrative in Games

Is Matt a grumpy miser that sticks his nose up about everything? Well, yes, maybe, but what does that have to do with narrative in games?
This time around, we go over what we like and dislike about narrative and the different ways developers choose to weave it into their game experiences. Stephen likes to whet his palette with a wide variety of different stuff, but is generally pretty drawn to games with strong narratives. Matt is particularly snarky and old-school, and just wants to play the damn game without being interrupted by cutscenes of cartoons whining about their problems. Is this really a generalization one can just apply everywhere? (Spoiler: no). Let’s explore the topic with our usual contemplative approach.

Here’s your rundown of game mentions and other such schmack from this week’s glorious audio:

The Vagabond Gamecast is a podcast by Stephen Tucker and Matthew Langille that covers gaming from the perspective of nomadic parents.
The Vagabond Gamecast
TVG: 2.08 – Narrative in Games