TVG: 2.07 – Video Game Films are Bad

When you’ve been on this beautiful planet for as many years as we have, you start to learn that some things are the way there are, and there can be no exceptions. Spend enough time in the sun and you’ll get burned. Spend enough time in the water, and your fingers will shrivel up like prunes. Watch enough video game inspired films and your sanity will be lost.  You’d think that Matt and Steve would be the ideal audience for game films. We both love games, we both love film… and yet…The Super Mario Bros Super Show was fantastic! It’s not that game inspired media can’t be fun. But… come on.

Now the sad truth is, we made this podcast because of the glorious release of the “Super Mario Bros: The Morton Jankel Cut” which was released upon the internet earlier this month… but in the meantime the film is no longer available. 

EDIT: Looks like it’s back!

So I’m not sure where you can go to find the film anymore… but at the very least, So head on over to the internet archive to view it, AND you can watch the 35 minute Restoration Commentary! here.

Pop-Culture references we discuss in this podcast include:

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TVG: 2.07 – Video Game Films are Bad