TVG: 2.04 – Varsity Esports

What a crazy world we’re in, where our two fine Vagabond Gamecast co-hosts are engaging in varsity sport discourse! It wasn’t a long time ago (ok, maybe it was) when our heroes were back in high school fighting for their very right to game after school… now you mean to tell us that parents are going to be showing up to esports events to cheer their Elympians on!? I totally came up with Elympian on my own just now. Is that a word? If it isn’t already, well my friend who just googled their way here from the distant future, it is now.  At any rate: did you know that schools are going to start having Smash Bros. teams? It’s BANANAS! Come listen to us as we discuss it!

This podcast is brought to you largely in response to the cutting edge reporting of BusinessWire and also thanks to the initiative of PlayVS who is responsible for this wonderful blend of gaming and kids.

“REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nintendo and PlayVS today announced a partnership that will make the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Splatoon 2 games for the Nintendo Switch system officially recognized varsity athletics at participating high schools. As the only scholastic competitive gameplay platform that qualifies as sanctioned high school athletics in the U.S. and Canada, PlayVS is the premier provider for students in the ever-growing world of competitive gaming. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Splatoon 2 will be added to the official PlayVS lineup for the Fall 2021 High School season, allowing high school teams around the country to compete against each other in online matches when the season kicks off on Sept. 20. The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game will join the PlayVS roster for the Spring 2022 High School season early next year.”

Crazy right?

Let’s also be sure to give the link to the article Steve quoted when discussing The Evolution of the Football.

Aaaaaaand, let’s also be sure to give a link to the Firebird (火の鳥) series of comics that Matt called out when digressing about comics.

Also, for reference, that sports team that Steve was trying to recall at 33:45? The Quebec Nordiques.  Which, unfortunately, he was confusing with the Minnesota North Stars. Sorry. You’ll have to excuse the brain of someone who both didn’t watch hockey and was was 11 when the team disappeared.

And that was Ryan’s World’s Ryan Kaji who… wow he’s rich. 

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TVG: 2.04 - Varsity Esports