TVG: 1.23 – The Best Games (Sorted By Console) Pt. 2

Surprise! It’s part 2 of our little tour through our favorite games on gaming consoles of times past. We’ll (roughly) follow the chronological ordering for these systems right up into the present through this series.

After a bit of chatting about recently gaming (including Rockman X 1 and 2 for Matt, and Final Fantasy Tactics and A King’s Tale for Stephen) these brothers hop into some game listin’ and discussing…

This week we run through the 32-bit / CD age and end with a brief touch on the Gameboy Color. Obviously, it’s mega important that you check the details inside!

Matt is a lot lazier than Stephen and is writing up our wonderful description this week (and it’s 11pm), so no pretty pictures. Let Google and Wikipedia aid you in your journey as you discover these gems:


Believe it or not, but Matt has NEVER played it… DESPITE OWNING THE SYSTEM!
Steve recommends:

PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16

Matt recommends:

….and Steve never had the pleasure to rock out on this fine retro system (tho he’s played the Rondo on PSP and totally does recommend it).

Sega Saturn

Matt recommends:

….and Steve kinda skipped this one too. Not a Sega believer, I guess. Again, he’s played Symphony of The Night on both PSP and Playstation and will back up it’s excellence.

Playstation 1

Ah, Playstation. Matt recommends:

Steve recommends:

Nintendo 64

Matt recommends:

Steve recommends:

Gameboy Color

Matt recommends:

Steve doesn’t really feel too strongly about the Gameboy Color.

Finally, if you found our little discussion and mention of the Gameboy sound chips interesting, definitely check out this awesome article comparing the sound on all the Game Boy variants.

Stay tuned for part 3!

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TVG: 1.23 – The Best Games (Sorted By Console) Pt. 2