TVG: 1.14 – Games, Gripes, and Console Purchases

Tune in for a five minute chat on our topic of the week: what drives you to make a new console purchase? We’ve graciously wrapped this light discussion in some much more substantial general game chatter and game-related complaining. But- This is no lackadaisical padding! Stay tuned for some analysis of the games we’ve been playing (finishing even), and a discussion on Infocom-style adventure games/visual novels and other genres we haven’t seen utilized as of late.

We also touch on some of the frustrations inherent in retro games that have mostly disappeared from their modern counterparts, and delve into some other general nostalgia.

The Vagabond Gamecast is a podcast by Stephen Tucker and Matthew Langille that covers gaming from the perspective of nomadic parents.
The Vagabond Gamecast
TVG: 1.14 – Games, Gripes, and Console Purchases