TIL: 50 More Words in Influent

I listened to Pimsleur 1-5 again at the gym today, which means that my ability to state that I am eating something is a little better now – not to mention my ability to ask if you want to drink something. Overall I’m feeling more confident with what I’ve learned so far, and am ready to start with lesson 6 tomorrow. I’m pleased with my gym/diet/study habits that I’ve managed to form this month!

In other news, the past couple of days have been busy for me with preparing and grading course work for Van Arts. I think that at some point I might have to create some FAQ style tutorials for Houdini or something so that I can help address stuff to the broader Houdini community. I’ve got some ideas for stuff I’d like to make for video tutorials, but right now I guess learning some language is a really really nice break for me mentally. All CG all the time is no good for between my ears.



I write this at 2:08am, and so I didn’t get a chance to do any Human Japanese today. But when I came home from work, I was able to sink an hour into Influent. I did pretty well reviewing past words at random, and was able to pick up 50 new words with a bit more ease than the first 50. This is probably largely due to the amount of katakana/foreign words that are pretty much the same in English as in Japanese.

Of course, these foreign words are super easy to identify just by the audio (frankly I find it surprising how much English has dug its way into the Japanese language!) but since I don’t yet have katakana memorized, it’s a pretty huge fail trying to read the words. Anyways, here’s the new set of 50:

かべ – wall
てんじよう – ceiling
ゆか – floor
ねこ – cat
いす – chair
つくえ – desk
かみ – paper
ペン – pen
えんぴつ – pencil
ホッチキス – stapler
かなづち – hammer
ねじまわし – screwdriver
レンチ – wrench
ツールボックス – tool box
コンピューター – computer
モニター – monitor
スピーカー – speaker
キーボード – keyboard
マウス – mouse
プリンター – printer
カメラ – camera
ヘッドホン – headphones
シーデイー – CD
しょくぶつ – plant
はち – pot
は – leaf
くき – stem
テイッシュ -tissue
スプレーボトル – spray bottle
かぎ – key
キーホルダー – key chain
ドアノブ – door knob
ざっし – magazine
かいが – painting
ろうそく – candle
マッチ – matches
しょうしゅうざい – air freshener
マット – mat
トイレットペーパー – toilet paper
ふた – lid
トイレ – toilet
みず – water
ながし – sink
とって – handle
じゃぐち – faucet
せっけん – soap
ヘアーブラシ – hair brush
まど – window
ぼう – stick
カーテン – curtain

Not perfectly embedded in my brain yet, but I was pleased to have scored 10 out of 10 on a randomized quiz from the total list of 100 words I’ve accumulated! I guess that’s a good sign that I won’t be doing the basics forever!