TVG: 1.06 – Tetris Sucks

…Or does it? Everyone enjoys games for different reasons, but what is it that really drives the appeal for you?

This time around, our time-strapped parents discuss what it is that “makes a game” for them. The contrast is interesting, as Steve puts more weight on the narrative and flavor elements like theme, visuals, and music; meanwhile, Matt feels that the core gameplay mechanics make or break the game (“are” the game, even).

Various examples through gaming history are plucked out to illustrate our points, so make sure you’re up on your 80’s and 90’s games!

That brings us full circle to Tetris and its ilk. Good? Bad? Important historically but not relevant to modern games? Not so black and white?

Tune in to get our take!

The Vagabond Gamecast is a podcast by Stephen Tucker and Matthew Langille that covers gaming from the perspective of nomadic parents.
The Vagabond Gamecast
TVG: 1.06 – Tetris Sucks