TVG: 1.05 – Games of 2017

It’s always a fun time for our two temerarious hosts to dig through their nerdy game lists. Staunch listeners will certainly be aware of this “list-obsession” of ours. This time, we share what we’re excited to get into as 2017 rolls along, and dwell a bit on how we choose what games to play and what we focus on in prioritizing our jumbo game collections.

Both dweebo-coolsters keep multiple lists, but take a pretty different approach. We definitely still see a trend of Matt digging deep into the past with his game picks, though there are some ongoing efforts to diversify and focus on trendier and newer titles on his part. Stephen has a mixed bag himself, including some Ultima goodness.

The Vagabond Gamecast is a podcast by Stephen Tucker and Matthew Langille that covers gaming from the perspective of nomadic parents.
The Vagabond Gamecast
TVG: 1.05 – Games of 2017