Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (In Japanese) Pt: 7

I did it! I finished the game! I’m actually off to a rather slow start this year. Which is good? I guess it means I’ve spent more time being productive than playing games as it’s the first game I’ve finished in 2016. At this rate I might only manage a third of the games that I completed last year! It’s also kind of exciting as it’s the first time I’ve attempted to play through something in a different language. How’d that work out? Read More >

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (In Japanese) Pt: 6

Menu, menu, menu. Everywhere you turn, there’s a menu. It’s been a while since I’ve had some spare time, but let’s dive in. I need to finish this game!We’re out of the woods with the “main menu” now, but of course there’s some additional screens that need attention here. We’ve got the “Pause” menu with some warnings in it, and we’ve got some hints being thrown at us so we can understand how to play the game. Let’s take a look! Read More >

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (In Japanese) Pt: 5

I think that translating just the menus for this game has been enough to convince me that I should be playing authentic Japanese games rather than something that has been translated to Japanese. With as little as I know, I’m still able to pick up some awkwardness in the language that’s being used. And that worries me. Because I don’t know what I don’t know, and that means that everything could be a bad translation.

Nevertheless, I’m almost done with these menu screens… and I am learning something. Read More >

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (In Japanese) Pt: 4

Whee!!! We’re past the launcher menu! Time to play the game! What’s that you say? More menus? *sigh* Alright, let’s get translating… Read More >

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (In Japanese) Pt: 3

The final menu for Brothers (WE’RE NOT EVEN STARTED THE DAMNED GAME YET) is considerably more straightforward than the last two menus. We’re using much more simplistic kanji, a bit of katakana, and some English here. In fact most of the kanji on this the Edit Key Bindings menu actually gets a kun reading for a change. Remember, Kun readings happen when it’s just a single kanji by itself. That means there’s a couple characters here that (I believe) will get different pronunciations based on their context. So let’s get started: Read More >

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (In Japanese) Pt: 2

Right then, so today we look at menu 2 of Brothers. Wow did this take me a while to look up. No wonder I was advised against RPGs. The amount of time I’ve spent just on two menu screens is bananas. There were a couple of kanji in specific that I eventually had to give up and use the camera part of the google translate app since I couldn’t figure out the necessary radicals to look it up on Jisho. Read More >

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (In Japanese) Pt: 1

Brothers a tale of two sons is meant to be played with a controller

That’s right, I’m diving in! I’ve still got a lot of other things on my plate at the moment, but I’m too eager to legit play a game, so I’m going to make the plunge.

I came super close to buying both ファミコン探偵倶楽部 and リンクの冒険 over the weekend for the Game Boy Advance… but with the Canadian dollar as low as it is right now, the >$70 it was going to cost seemed a little absurd. The good ole CAD is on it’s way (slightly) back up at the moment, and I’ve got other things to keep me busy, so I’m going to hold off for the time being. But I already decided that I’ve got a couple of games at my disposal that I can try out, and so try them I shall! Read More >